Jadwiga Staniszkis
Princeton University Press, New Jersey 1984



Editor’s preface (p. ix)

Introduction (p. 3)
    The Creation of Solidarity (p. 3)
    One Year Later: The Anatomy of Revolution (p. 7)
            Transformation of Solidarity (p. 17)
            Dynamics of the Political Regime In Poland (p. 29)
            Evolution of the Political System after August 1980 (p. 32)
    The Legacy of Polish Society (p. 34)

Chapter I | Origins of Solidarity (p. 38)
    Evolution of Forms of Working-Class Protest (p. 38)
    Radicalism as a Problem of Imagination (p. 57)
    First Week of Solidarity (p. 62)

Chapter II | Self-Limiting Revolution: Winter 1980 – Spring 1981 (p.73)
    Strains within Solidarity, Winter 1980-1981 (p. 76)
    Symbolic Politics (p. 80)
    Driver toward Showdown (p. 83)
    Power and Corruption (p. 87)
    Other Social Forces (p. 92)
            The Catholic Church (p. 92)
            Party Dissidents (p. 93)
            The Farmers (p. 97)
            The Managerial Stratum (p. 99)
    Long-Term Trends: Economic and Social Factors (p. 101)

Chapter III | Dynamics of Working-Class Consciousness (p. 111)
    Ideological Functions of Forms of Consciousness (p. 111)
    Form as an Ideology (p. 115)
    The Barrier of Reification (p. 130)
    The “Antipolitical” Political Culture of Solidarity (p. 135)
            Ahistoricism (p. 137)
            Political Moralism (p. 140)
            One-Dimensionality (p. 144)
            Status Orientation (p. 145)
    Appendix to Chapter III (p. 147)

Chapter IV | Detotalization from Above, the 1970s (p. 150)
    Pitfalls of Totalitarianism (p. 150)
    Detotalization (p. 164)
            Lame Pluralism (p. 164)
            Horizontal and Vertical Segmentation (p. 169)
            Elements of Corporatist Structure (p. 171)
    Countermobilization (p. 175)

Chapter V | Dynamics of the Political System after August 1980 (p. 189)
    Transformations of the Polymorphic Party (p. 195)
    The Inner Dynamics of the Political System (p. 206)
    Crisis of Identity within the PUWP (p. 211)

Chapter VI | Tragic Choices (p. 222)
    The First Years after the Second World War (p. 222)
    Totalitarian Utopia: Mechanisms of Self-Enslavement of Party Intellectuals (p. 237)
    Ideology in a Post-Totalitarian Regime (p. 244)

Chapter VII | Three Decades of Economic-Political Cycles (p. 248)
    Regulation through Crisis (p. 249)

Chapter VIII | October 1956 as Ritual Drama: Case Study of Artificial Negativity (p. 278)
    De-Stalinization, 1953-1956 (p. 282)

Chapter IX | Concluding Reflections (p. 313)

Epilogue | January 1982 (p. 319)

Index (p.339)

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