Scientific publications (selected)

  • "Krievijas enerģētikas politika post-padomju telpā: Eiropas jaunie kaimiņi un Baltijas valstis" [Russian energy policy in post-Soviet area: European New Neighbours and Baltic States] in Atis Lejins (ed.), Pastiprināta ES austrumu kaimiņu politika: jautājumi un izaicinājumi [Enhanced EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policy: Issues and Challenges] (Riga, 2007), 35-50.
  • "Russia’s ‘Energy Superpower’: Between Realpolitik and New State Idea" in May-Britt Stumbaum and Magnus Christiansson (eds.), Security Challenges of Times of Change: Regional Options for Cooperation and Development (Conference Proceedings), (Berlin: German Council of Foreign Relations, 2007), 15-23.
  • "Latvijas un Krievijas enerģētikas dialogs: ieguvumu vai 'Gazpromizācijas' virzienā?" [Latvian-Russian energy dialogue: towards gains or “Gazpromization”?] in Akadēmiskā Dzīve, Issue 44. (October 2007).
  • "Shared Neighbourhood" Between the Perceptions and Interests of EU 'Ostpolitik' and Russia’s 'Near Abroad' Policy" in Andrei Zagorski (ed.), Russia, EU and the Baltic States (Conference Proceedings) (Moscow: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2007), 11-16.
  • "EU-Russia Energy Dialogue in the Context of the Prospective Partnership and Cooperation Agreement" in Atis Lejins (ed.), The EU Common Foreign and Security Policy toward Russia: the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement as a Test Case (Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2006), 77-89.
  • "Latvian-Russian Energy Relations: Between Economics and Politics" in Nils Muiznieks (ed.), Latvian-Russian Relations: Domestic and International Dimensions (Riga: Latvia University, 2006), 110-118.
  • "Regional Ramifications of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution: Transnistrian Conflict Settlement" in Atis Lejins (ed.), The European Union’s Eastern Neighbours after the Orange Revolution (Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2006), 30-44.
  • "The NEGP and Russia’s Gas Diplomacy: Latvian Perspective" in Baltic Mosaic Analytics (Winter-Spring 2006), 15-25.
  • "Moldovas eiropeizācijas iekšpolitiskā un starptautiskā dimensija. Latvijas iespējas un ierobežojumi" [Domestic and international dimension of Moldova’s Europeanization. Latvia’s opportunities and constrains] in Research Paper Volume [Latvian Foreign Policy and "Border Spanning"] of Commission of Strategic Analysis, Vol.7, No.1 (2006), 154-176.
  • "Business Factor in Russian-Latvian Relations: Cooperation and Competition" in Leonid Karabeshkin (ed.), The Regional Dimension in Russian-Baltic Relations (St.Petersburg: CIRP, 2005), 199-203.
  • "Values and Interests in the European Union-Russia Relations: Towards Cooperation or Conflict" in Antoni Kuklinski and Krzysztof Pawlowski (eds.), Europe- the Global Challenges (Nowy Sacz: WSB-NLU, 2005), 299-305.
  • "Russia’s Policy Towards Europe’s 'New Neighbours': in Pursuit of Partnership or Domination?" in Atis Lejins (ed.), An Enlarged Europe and Its Neighbourhood Policy: the Eastern Dimension (Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2004), 29-46.
  • "Perceptions and Interests in Russian-Baltic Relations" in Helmut Hubel (ed.) EU Enlargement and Beyond: the Baltic States and Russia (Berlin: Verlag Arno Spitz, 2002), 345-370.
  • Political Priorities and Economic Interests in Russian-Latvian Relations, NUPI (Norwegian International Affairs Institute) Working Paper No. 620, December 2001.
  • Minority Issues in the Baltic States in the Context of NATO Enlargement, NATO Research Fellowship’s End product, July 2001; available at the NATO website.
  • "Russian-Latvian Relations since 1991" in Ruth Buttner, Vera Dubina and Michael Leonov (eds.) Russia and the Baltic States: Political Relations, National Identity and Social Thought in XVIII-XX Centuries (Samara: Samara State University, 2001), 146-171.


Project expertise

  • Expert on Latvian-Russian relations in Mark Leonard and Nicu Popescu, A Power Audit of EU-Russia Relations, Policy Paper, European Council on Foreign Relations, November 2007.
  • Author, The country strategy paper on Latvia’s development cooperation with Moldova, 2006-2008; elaborated in 2005 in cooperation with the UNDP Office and Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; available on-line.


International presentations (selected)

  • "Russia and Balticness: Latvian Perspective" at roundtable "Russia in the Baltic Sea Region: Its Role, Opportunities and Perspective", St. Petersburg (Russia), December 2007
  • "Europe’s Eastern and Southern neighbourhood: converging or diverging approaches?" EuroMeSCo Annual Conference, Lisbon (Portugal), October 2007
  • "The Baltic States between Germany and Russia" at the Baltic Studies Annual Convention, Luneburg (Germany), June 2007
  • "EU-Russia energy relations: towards cooperation or conflict?" at the roundtable on energy issues in the Baltic Sea region, St. Petersburg (Russia), May 2007
  • "The EU and Russia: policy priorities from Latvian perspective" at the EU Institute for Security Studies workshop “Russia: A Difficult Partner for the EU”, Paris (France), April 2007
  • "Russia, European Neighbourhood and the EU’s New Ostpolitik" at the roundtable "Russia and the EU-Baltic States", Vilnius (Lithuania), April 2007
  • "Political prospects and challenges to Moldova’s European integration" at Moldovan-Latvian Forum on public participation, Chisinau (Moldova), November 2006
  • "Energy: Russia’s gas and oil diplomacy and European responses" at Turkish Foreign Policy Institute’s workshop “European Union: Challenges and Prospects”, Ankara (Turkey), November 2006
  • "Latvia at the crossroads of migration: perceptions and reality" at World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations", Rhodes (Greece), September 2006
  • Presentations in the framework of the conference project "EU-Russia Relations: Realities, Perspectives and Recommendations":
      • "Prospects of joint peacekeeping in the post-Soviet space" at the conference "The 
         EU-Russia relations and the European countries of the Post-Soviet space", Moscow
         (Russia), June 2006
      • "Russia and the EU in the Post-Soviet Space: towards Cooperation or Confrontation?" at
         the conference "The relations between Russia and EU: two views of one reality",
         Moscow (Russia), March 2006
  • "EU energy security: perceptions and interests. Latvian perspective" at the roundtable "German-Baltic dialogue", Berlin (Germany), May 2006
  • "Mutual Perceptions and Russia’s Gas Diplomacy" at the conference "Russia, the EU and the Baltic States: New Approaches to Common Challenges", Moscow (Russia), March 2006
  • "Dimensions of Baltic Identity and Russian-Baltic Relations" at the conference "Russian- Baltic Relations: One Year after the EU and NATO Enlargement", St. Petersburg (Russia), April 2005
  • "EU Eastern Neighbours: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus" at the DGAP expert conference "NATO and EU- Dealing with Europe’s New Neighbours" in Budapest (Hungary), November 2004
  • "Historical Legacy in Russian-Latvian Relations 1991-2000" at the roundtable "Political and Cultural Relations between Russia and the Baltic Region States, 1700-2000" in Samara (Russia), April 2001
  • "Latvian Citizenship Law: Interaction of Internal and External Factors" at the Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities in New York (U.S.), April 1999


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